Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who is this dog?

Truly? Aside from her loss of appetite.....if you saw Gabby, you'd think we were making all of this up!!
This morning she peed us a RIVER outside and made a somewhat normal poopsie! We gave her the usual Rimadyl dosage wrapped in cheese and the anti-biotic and she ate that without hesitation. We left her alone for a few hours and returned to see she made herself at home by hopping onto the couch in her usual position!!!
She is also aware of someone knocking/opening the front door and BARKS like the good ole days!! JUST NOW, as I'm typing ate her breakfast from this morning!! YEAH!!
The big question of the day......ARE WE DONE NOW!??
We reluctantly gave her the Rimadyl dosage today. We'll call the vet next week and discuss our alternatives - WITHOUT Rimadyl.
Thanks for checking in with her. Knowing we've got people cheering her on sure helps us. These darn animals, they capture our hearts, go through the good, bad and ugly with us through our crazy lives and we just can't think what life would be like without them faithfully by our sides. Sure is a blow to the soul when they are hurting. As much as we try to keep it all in perspective, when faced with the inevitable, it sucks.
Thanks again for your love and support. I've gotta run and go cuddle with my 4 legged buddy!

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  1. Cindy and I can not imagine life without Gracie. So much goodness and unconditional love in a little package. We're so happy Gabby is making good progress!