Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's a Urinary Tract Infection?

We picked Gabby up at 4:30 this afternoon.  The Dr. showed us a sonogram photo of her bladder. Lots of white area with 'crystals' jumping all over the place! WHAT?! HOW? He says dogs can get this just like humans….he says it is a very in-depth and very long scientific reason behind it but basically, yeah, what they eat can cause this. As the crystals leave the bladder they are slicing her along the path!!

Now what? Well, she was given a shot of antibiotics, urine drawn and sent to the lab with results to follow in 3-5 days. With the results they will be able to verify they are treating her for the right thing. We were given a bag of special UTI food and sent on our way.

She's been resting most of the day. Has not eaten anything and drank a little bit. She weighed 27 pounds last Monday and now weighs 26 pounds.

My questions that keep going over in my mind are:
1. Do dogs vomit with a UTI?
2. Do dogs have blood in their stool with a UTI?
3. Do dogs lose appetite with a UTI?
4. Do dogs have diarrhea with a UTI?

Seems a huge coincidence that her Rimadyl was increased and then these last issues arose. Reading the link I posted on the previous blog is pretty scary! I really don't want to give it to her anymore. It states to give aspirin for joint pain instead but its going to take awhile of being off of all Rimadyl before I can give her the aspirin. So, the plan now is to let the UTI meds kick in, get rid of that problem, then I will tell the vet that I'm taking her off of the Rimadyl and ask him how long it'll take before I can begin aspirin/other methods.

So…that's all for now. As you can guess it is very very frustrating. As with humans, antibiotics can kick in pretty quick for a UTI. Let's hope and pray the same for our little Gabby.

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