Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On the UP side!!

After a very lazy, restful day.....Gabby finally ate her food - after hand feeding her a bunch.....then, she went down to potty what appeared to be clear urine!! We did a double check, and yup, no blood!!! Hallelujah!!!!

She finished her bowl of food too!!! HALLELUJAH!!

She drank a bunch of water!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

She's been 'asking' to get up on the couch to sit next to us too!!!! FIRST TIME in a looooong time!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

We DID NOT give her any Rimadyl today since we are giving her the antibiotic.....just giving that a rest and let the antibiotic do its job....

When asked to do her trick of 'telling me a story' we get a nice, healthy BARK!!! YEAH!!! She's coming around!!!

A lot to be encouraged by!!! Keep it going Gabby!! Let's get through this bump in the road!! HALLELUJAH!!!


  1. This is great news! We're sending positive vibes your way, Gabby!
    Harlan, Cindy & Gracie

    1. Thanks neighbors!! Really appreciate the shoulders to cry on!!

  2. It's gotta be the rimadyl. Hopefully you've caught it in time and aspirin and glucosamine will be better for her.

  3. Great news!! Good job Gabby. Keep up the good work.