Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr.'s Response

Dr. Called after sending the email...he is positive the amount of medication given did not exceed acceptable amounts for her size. On the site it claims 1 mg per pound. Gabby weighs 26 pounds today, she list a pound since last week. We've been giving her 10 mg once a day for 3 years. At this time we don't know the amount of injection on Thursday. She's been taking 2 times a day 10 mg since Friday, with exception of last night. 20 mg daily still fits within the amount she could take. My concern is the injection. How much was that? Did that 'put her over the edge?

After reading some of the comments on the page link, it sounds like these are also SIDE EFFECTS of just taking the drug! We watched the movie Dallas Buyers Club last night about the HIV/Aids medicine in the 80's. Couldn't help but find similarities here.

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