Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Days!

Gabby had a job last Tuesday.....we returned to a previously visited location, one of our favorites! She walked through some wet grass on the way so when we entered, I wiped each foot separately on the mat as we walked in the door. The receptionist said, "Well, I've never seen THAT before!" hahaha!!! Hey, gotta be contentious of tracking feet prints everywhere!!

We made our rounds about the Activity Room and everyone loved on Gabby soooo much!! I love how her name is Gabby and I tell the Croatian, Russian and other European countries, "Gabriella" and then they make so many ooooohhhs and aaaaahhhhhsssss.... GABRIELLA!!! One lady said, 'Like an angel!!" hahaha!!! Many are CRAZY about 'SABATCHKA'S'!! Of course, Gabby just eats. it. up!! It is so funny to watch her soak up this attention. She still enjoys just flopping her head on their shoulder while they turn and give her many kisses.

There was the usual woman who says, "I had a dog that looked JUST LIKE GABBY!! His name was Bruno!! I think Bruno and Gabby would be friends!!"

As Christians, we are all called to serve. I truly believe this is my calling....It is such a blessing for me to take Gabby, allowing her to make so many people smile and feel loved and for me, lending a listening ear to their stories of old. There are so many lonely people in our world. Reaching out to them, spending time, sharing and caring for them always does my heart good!!

The other day, while driving along Ocean Beach, it was so beautiful, we had to pullover, stop, and run along the beach for awhile. Oh the life of a Gabby Girl!!

Now THAT is one happy doggie!!

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