Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bless Their Hearts

OOpps, again, sorry for not updating after each 'job' that Gabby has personal blog is way out of date too! Try finding the time to sit, think, and type just doesn't happen as often as it should....
I knew it would be an interesting time with Gabby today. When we went into her 'room' in the morning, she just stayed in bed!! She kind of rolled around on her back for us to scratch her belly, but laid in bed for a lot longer than usual!! I thought, "Yup, on this slightly drizzly day, you have the right idea!!"
But, Gabby had a job today at a home for the, well, we'll just say, 'less fortunate'. At first, going to this home was a slight challenge because the staff is so unorganized. Upon arriving, they would say, "Oh! We have a visitor today?" Well, Yes, I called in the morning to verify our time slot..... and no one would have a clue. Odd indeed. Our visits started at only being 15-20 minutes MAX! Almost not even worth the time to give Gabby a bath, and drive the distance! But, we would continue to meet when called upon to meet.
The ground was still a little wet from the rain last night. This is always a slight bummer because then Gabby's feet get wet, which means her belly then gets wet when the wet feet splash the water up onto her low belly! So, the raincoat came out for her walk before her job. Gabby isn't much of a fan of her raincoat. Thankfully, it ended up being fairly dry and we didn't need the coat for the visit.
We arrived at 10:30, and Gabby bounced in like a bundle of energy! That has been her latest routine.....she is soooooo excited and her entire body shakes and jiggles upon arriving. At times it startles the Activity Directors! Today was just the same. Finally, she settles down and enjoys the attention.
We sat in a small front living room. There were 2 couches and 2 chairs. Gabby would hop from couch to couch and chair to chair, snuggling up to all. One of the individuals had at least 20 questions about Gabby:
1. Does she like to walk through the forest?
2. Do you think Gabby needs a playmate?
3. Does she favor anyone special?
Bless his heart....The question that really topped them all was: If you could trade places with Gabby, would you?
My answer was: Only if my husband would still be her owner! hahahha
She gets treated pretty pretty well! I'm no fool!! hahahaha
Gabby did her typical tricks and ALMOST fell asleep a few times! Must just be a 'low biorhythm day or something! How funny.
We stayed until the program director called to ask me to move my car from blocking the driveway or we'd probably STILL be there!! haha The time was 11:45!!! Where did 75 minutes go? Weird! Time just flies now at this house.
So, from being a little annoyed at their lack of organization, we've come to grow to love this house and the people. Bless their hearts!

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