Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Have We Been?

I know! Life sometimes just gets in the way of the things I enjoy....blogging! Gabby has actually been pretty busy since my last blog. I promise to get back to blogging....

Today we revisited a familiar spot and stayed for one hour! The previous visits were 20 - 30 minutes, MAX and today about 16 of us were in a large room, relaxing on the couches. Must have been this rainy, dreary day, bringing out the laziness in us...

I love it when people want to hear stories of Gabby....mainly because I enjoy telling them! :-)
She has two special people in her life....Big Mom and Big Dad. They are a couple we do a lot of things with. They had to put down their boxer, Jingles of 13 years a few years ago and have replaced him with our Gabby. We actually say they have 'joint custody'! hahah!! They love to take Gabby to their home and watch over her whenever we leave town. Gabby was almost falling asleep on the couch with her head on someone's knee when I was telling the story of Big Mom and Big the mention of their names, her head SNAPS up, her chest sticks out and she concentrates on my words! It was sooo funny!! Then, I had to tell her, "we'll see them later," as she went back into position.

One of the members of the house asked, "Do you think Gabby is the way she is because of your training or is that the breed?" I'd LOVE to take credit for some of her loving, kind ways....but, I think, as with people sometimes, she was born this way. They say we are a 'product of our environment' and to some extent I believe that.....but, I also think, we are born with certain characteristics/inborn tendencies and if nurtured can be a part of who we are in a positive way OR if neglected, they can be demons inside our bodies.

As I was answering her question, keeping in mind that my audience consisted of people that may fall into the category of neglected pasts....I had to choose my words carefully. So many people hurting in our world from so many issues. Today my heart was happy to have made a few smile and receive unconditional love from me and Gabby.

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