Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slow Summertime

We've been on the go, it's SUMMER TIME!! Sorry for the delays but Gabby has actually been working a few times.....I've been a bad mommy and did not record them.
But, let me bring you up to date.

We visited a long term care facility were many Russians lived. I love it when they keep saying in their baby voices, "Awwww, sa-batch-ka!!" It is so funny. Then, when I say, "Gabriella!" They light up. It is a universal name, because EVERYONE can repeat it with so much love in their voices!

We've been to this facility a long long time ago and I've always enjoyed the large activity room where Gabby gives love from person to person. One man was very very calm, rolled his wheel chair right up next to me and Gabby sat 1/2 on his lap and 1/2 on my lap. She loved it and the man was loving it even more so!! After a few minutes, another man rolled up on the other side. I tried to get Gabby to sit in the same manner. NOPE. NO WAY! She was not feeling this other man. It was really strange. Finally, I held Gabby closer to him, without resting her body on him and she was fine with that. Crazy girl. What is the difference?

On man was very alert so I told him to tell Gabby, "Tell me a story" and I gave him a treat to give to her. Instant BEST FRIENDS! He was so happy and continued to tell Gabby, "Tell me a story" many times throughout the visit.

Two weeks later, we returned to the same facility. This man REMEMBERED Gabby!! Instantly said, "Gabby, tell me a story!!" His new love!!

So the second visit was in their new facility. WOWZA! It is BEAUTIFUL! The sound system they have is awesome!! The activity coordinator can use a microphone that is amplified beautifully. Yea, I probably need a hearing aid, or better yet, I'll just install such a sound system in our house!! hahahaha!!

I really enjoy revisiting our 'friends'. It brings a sense of kinship in seeing the residents' face light up with our presence. Ain't nothin' better!!!

The one remembrance of this second visit is that I got into a 'situation' and am praying and hoping for the best outcome. When I was parking my car, this crazy woman said that I hit her car and need to pay for a new bumper. I got very close to her car but did not touch it or do any damage and she is claiming that I did. This is a time when I wish Gabby could talk and be my witness!! hahaha!! Anyway, it's in God's hands.

It was difficult to continue my day, but after a 30 minute delay, we were able to forget about it and spread our love and joy to others, placing it all in perspective of what truly matters most in life.....knowing that man-made bologna is only that, man-made. God has a bigger plan and knows my heart and intentions, that is all that matters.

Gabby's next job is at the end of August. Meanwhile, she'll be going on a few vacations, many walks and enjoying life in this big city.

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