Monday, April 11, 2011

World RECORD!!!

She is fast asleep in her bed. Sometimes her job exhausts her!! hahaha
Especially when this job lasted 2 HOURS!!
Gabby had a job at a location where we've visited a few times. Usually an assistant to the main activity director takes us room to room and floor to floor. Not today! It was the actual Director!! WOW! What a difference! We really made our rounds!!
This facility has 4 floors so we started on the 4th and worked our way down. The Director and I enjoyed each and every private room and Activity Room!! Unfortunately, this facility is prominently Asian and many in this culture do not like dogs. That is a fact. Thankfully, Gabby was able to sit on a few beds and enjoyed each and every one of them!
One of the most memorable moments was one of the residents, elderly, blind, Russian man that played Russian music on the piano in one of the Activity rooms. It was AMAZING!! I could have listened for awhile longer! The alarm on his watch tells him when it is time to play and time to quit.
Another few minutes was with a lady where Gabby snuggled in on her bed. She started singing to Gabby!! It was the SWEETEST thing!!! She sang:

Let me call you "Sweetheart," I'm in love with you.
Let me hear you whisper that you love me too.
Keep the love-light glowing in your eyes so true.
Let me call you "Sweetheart," I'm in love with you.

After she sang she said, "Well, listen to me, I'm singing a love song to this dog!!" We all laughed!!
Many of the residents could not speak English. Many were nervous around a dog. Many were not quite sure how to even pet a dog. Many were rough with Gabby too. I feel myself get a little irritated at them but soon realize that they just don't know and must be taught! I carefully guide their hand and show them how to make a softer touch. I wish you could see Gabby's face at this time. She is sooooo still and patient. I can see her think, "Why are you so rough on me? Go lightly!! GEEEEEEZE!"
One elderly man, while sitting in his bed, talked to us for quite awhile about everything from turning 70 (mighty YOUNG if you ask me!), politics, dogs, pets, and the behavior of people. It was very interesting and part of the job I enjoy the most. These individuals are so lonely. They just want to talk to someone. He really loved Gabby, stroking her all the while talking to us. He was very alert. Overweight, but very alert. People, we MUST take care of our bodies or we will regret it when we are older!! Look around. Most of the time, the HEALTHY, active elderly people are NOT overweight. It truly changes the path in life when overweight. So many lessons learned, all of the time, when Gabby has a job!! :-0
Well, 2 HOURS later, we end up departing the facility. Our RECORD!!! But ya know? We were not in any hurry. The Director wasn't in a hurry. We were enjoying each and every visit. It was so low key. There was no 'agenda' and everyone just rolled with it. Gabby was awesome and gave so much love. The Director was a 'cat person'. Gabby knew this. At each opportunity, she would walk over to him and lay on his feet! She does that to 'win them over'. It works about 100% of the time! hahahaah!!!
Unfortunately, we are not on the schedule for a few weeks. I was unsure of our Easter Break plans so did not make ourselves available.
I think this photo shows Gabby's boredom already!

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