Thursday, February 24, 2011

Most Loving

I know I've said it many times how loving Gabby was on a particular job. But today takes the cake. She was so sweet and CALM today. She is usually calm but today was just EXTRA! It is a rainy day and she went on a little shorter walk this morning. We usually have a job around 10 or 11 am and today we rescheduled due to Chinese New Year last week to today at 1:00 pm. Not sure if any of that matters.....never know.....
The facility is Chinese and very small in comparison to other facilities we've visited. We were done in 25 minutes!! Many were not interested in petting Gabby. But, the VERY LAST lady. She was asleep and I wasn't going to bother her, but I nudged her and asked if she wanted to see a dog. She woke up and was so happy to see Gabby! She let Gabby give her a hug and I gave the lady one of Gabby's treats so she could give it to Gabby. I took this photo of Gabby sitting by her chair before we left. To me, Gabby looks SO HAPPY!!! Such a pretty smile!!
I'm glad I woke her up!! It really made her day.
The latest 'quirk' Gabby has acquired is a fear of elevators! Kind of weird, ever since the day we had to ride so many of them at one job. Now, when she approaches one, she stops and shakes! I pick her up and she clutches on to me like a scared little girl!! Unreal. We had to ride a few times today and finally just took the stairs. Crazy.
So another job well done. Very thankful we were able to spread some lovin' today cuz she was 'in the mood'! haah!!

I took this photo yesterday.
Why are they so cute when they sleep?

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