Friday, March 25, 2011

Even in a storm!

This rain has been CRAZY around here! But, Gabby had a job and we had to go out in it! YIKES! Rainy days are the biggest challenge. Gabby doesn't get a chance to go potty or a walk beforehand and I am always concerned. Again today, no potty break.
People were driving slowly on the freeway, the rain was coming down really hard! We had to park about a block away and walk in rain that was coming down SIDEWAYS!!
We put our raincoats on and went for it.
It was a small Convalescent home, many individuals ready for us in the front room. Many were watching us as I did my best drying Gabby off and brushing her, making her presentable. Most of the people were fairly quiet and reserved.
We did a quick round of the hallways checking in the rooms for a quick visit. As we walked in, Gabby got really excited. She LOVES climbing in bed with them! Unfortunately, everyone we saw wasn't interested in a visit. :-(
One lady left an impression on me. She was in her late 50's and beautiful! She laid in the bed and shook, uncontrollable. It was very sad. She barely raised the covers on the bed, she was so thin and would just shake. She also said she did not want a visit. The nurse said, "But I thought you liked dogs." The woman responded sadly that she "did like dogs but just did not want a visit today."
Another lesson learned that we must be thankful each and every day for our health. Seriously.
One of the nurses in the hallway showed an interest in Gabby so Gabby walked right up to her and started getting really excited, rubbing herself on the woman and acting as if the nurse had treats in her pocket! I asked, "Do you have doggie treats in your pocket?" She answered she did not but she had two Lhaso Apso's at home that sleep with her and Gabby probably smells them! hahahaha!!
We did another round in the front room, Gabby giving a few of her hugs and it was time to leave. Probably one of the shortest visits of all time - 20 minutes! We put the rain gear back on, it was STILL raining sideways! We made a few people smile, always worth it, even in a storm.

I turned around and Gabby was telling me she was not a fan of rainy days!

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