Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today we went to a very large hospital. In this section of the hospital many of the patients were in a comatose state. I must say, this has to be the most heartbreaking job we've ever had. There were young people in their 30's to the very elderly. After 1.5 hours of visiting, and 50 patients later, we got in the car and I wept.

There were three patients that shared with me direct eye contact. All three were definitely talking with their eyes. We were fixed on each other as I held Gabby up to their eye level. After talking to them for awhile, each of these three individuals reached out to pet Gabby. It is difficult to place into words my emotions. I am looking at someone's son, cousin, brother, lover....This is God's child and we were able to connect through Gabby in a way that made my heart LEAP and I can only hope that this moment eased a part of them too. I believe this is true compassion - wishing that others be free from suffering and doing what we can to reach out to those individuals. I know this is my number one reason why Gabby and I have this job. I truly feel it is a call to serve and 'walk the talk' of being a Christian. Each job I learn more about myself, how I react to certain situations, evaluate how I could be better and proceed in following it through on the next visit.


  1. you are no longer awesome in my are AMAZING!! <3 thanks for always making me cry..the GOOD kinda cry! :) Love you guys!

  2. What a wonderful and deeply personal example of the power of compassion! So glad to know you are out there.