Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We ARE a terrific pair!

Gabby and I went to a new place today!
We arrived to a very busy, lively atmosphere! Lots of nurses in hallways and patients in the lobby and hallways. The place had a BUZZ like I'd never felt.
We met the Activity Director and began visiting the 61 bed facility. At first many of the patients were not interested in a dog visit. I always feel so sorry for those individuals. They don't know what they are missing!!
We went into Kathleen's room with her many dog photos on the wall. Gabby must have seen them too because she was so excited. Gabby got up on her bed and immediately laid down. We talked with Kathleen for quite awhile. She was recovering from surgery and about 60 years old. Gabby got up, and laid on her feet under the blankets. I asked if this was OK and Kathleen answered, "I just thought in my mind that I wished she would sit on my feet. I use mental telepathy all of the time on dogs. She is very good and heard it right away!" I always knew Gabby was pretty special. Her sense of compassion is unusually strong. We sat with Kathleen for awhile and enjoyed the conversation.
We must have sat on 30 of the beds today. Gabby was so happy, wagging her tail and 'smiling' the entire time!
I was very impressed with the Activity Director's attitude as well. Many times, I feel rushed to get to the next patient. This gal allowed the PATIENT to determine how long the stay should be, not HER schedule. She also has so many activities planned! Later today a pianist is arriving and the swing dancers arrive tomorrow. A lively bunch because she keeps it that way. Very impressive. Also, the culture was very diverse. Many times places are so segregated by culture and here, there was a complete mixture.
Toward the end of the 1 1/2 hour visit, we met two woman sharing a room that was totally in love with Gabby. It was the sweetest thing to watch these woman overflow with love towards her. Of course Gabby took it all in and didn't want to leave! I wish I had my camera to photograph her face......maybe next time.
The Activity Director took our names and said she will request us to return. THAT was when I realized we DO make a great team! We are both compassionate especially toward the sick and elderly. It is definitely our calling to meet with these individuals.
I am so thankful God led me to Gabby and to sharing her love with others.

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