Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Room Full of LOVE!

Today we went somewhere NEW!! It was farther than I am comfortable traveling, but we made it and I am soooo happy we did! Gabby was loved and gave so much love today!
As we made our way around the activity room of many seniors, Gabby sat still at their feet, would lay down at their feet, want to be held in their laps and gave soooo many hugs!
One of the employees made the comment, "With Gabby here, the room just filled with so much LOVE!!!"It is true. You really can FEEL the atmostphere elevate! I thought it was just me, but others feel this too.
I tell everyone Gabby's name. They speak to Gabby in many different languages, and when Gabby hears her name at some point in the sentence, she quickly turns her heard toward the person and they usually laugh out loud and get the biggest kick out of that! Gabby acts as if she totally understands that language! I GET A KICK OUT OF THAT!!! hahahaa
One thing I've noticed that most people enjoy is when I give a doggie treat to them and THEY are allowed to give it to Gabby. It's funny, I think it is universal hospitality.....everyone wants to give food! They seem to enjoy that.
Today I also received my 2nd KISS! A woman was kissing Gabby, saying, "Muy bonito!" Then, she stopped, looked at me, felt my cheek and said, "Muy bonito". Then, she kissed ME on the cheek!! I LOVE MY JOB!!!

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