Friday, January 8, 2010

First Visit in 2010

When I told Gabby that she had her job today, she did not act as happy as she had in the past. Maybe she was still mad at me for putting that flea/heartworm medicine on her back the day before? Maybe she's 'forgotten' since it has been a few weeks...Don't know. On the way over in the car, she looked at me as if to say, "I am not feeling it today!" But onward we continued.
When we entered, Gabby was VERY EXCITED and starting wagging her tail and twirling with delight!! We went to a beautiful home that had many residents. It was a Japanese residential care building. It was BEAUTIFUL! Ok, I am just going to say it. I am sorry if I sound 'racist' but it is not made to sound like it.... One thing I have noticed by visiting so many different places.... The Asians are soooo clean and tidy! Their homes do not have an 'old person' smell and is very comfortable. Well, the other thing I've noticed is that the Asian community are not BIG fans of dogs. Only 5 people showed up in the lobby! OK, so there was an 'arm exercise class' being held at the same time..... maybe that is where they all were? Hmmm....No, I think the majority are just not big dog lovers. The ones that did show up were very sweet and LOVED Gabby. One man sat in a chair and wanted Gabby in his lap. He was of pretty small frame, and not much of a lap, but Gabby wiggled herself up and there she sat between him and the arm of the chair for a few minutes. He enjoyed it and did not want us to go. He actually asked, "Why do you have to leave now? What does Gabby have to do?" Aw, super sweet.
So, in the end, I think Gabby just 'forgot' about her job. Her next job is in 2 weeks, we'll see if she remembers....

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