Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Was meant to be!!

I am so thankful to have found such a fun, rewarding hobby!!! Today really proved to me that we are doing the right thing and that Gabby was meant to be a Therapy Dog!

We went to a hospital type setting with patients recovering from surgery, not quite ready to go home yet. So, that meant that Gabby was able to sit on a lot of BEDS!!! Something that she knows is a big TREAT!!! She LOVED it and behaved soooooo well!! 

One lady had Gabby on her bed, her legs were slightly elevated by a pillow.  It did not take long for Gabby to snuggle in, being the 'pillow queen' that she is and almost fall asleep!! The lady was so pleased, she is a dog lover and has 3 dogs of her own!! While laying there, the lady said, "It does something right here (and pointed to her heart) to me." WOW! THAT was soooo remarkable to hear!! Goal achieved! Touch someone's heart and the day is GLORIOUS!!! 

Another lady held Gabby while in her wheel chair, again Gabby closed her eyes and was very relaxed.  This lady said, "She is not a dog, she is a baby!!" She cooed and cradled Gabby like she WAS a baby and of course Gabby just LOVED every minute of it! 

We are home now and Gabby is fast asleep. Tuckers her out! ME TOO! I think I'll grab her and snuggle on the couch for a few minutes, being so blessed with my joyous, thankful heart!

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