Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out of the mouths of the Elderly

Our appointment was for 1:30 on Monday, November 16.  Seemed like a good time for me....I could get my run with hubby in the morning, have some lunch, then dip out for a bit.  Not sure if it was the best time for Gabby though.  I think it cut into her afternoon napping....she seemed a little more tired while on the job.

We arrived, signed in and met the Activity Coordinator in the large Activity room.  There were probably 20 people in wheelchairs waiting for Gabby to arrive! Since they cannot bend over, I had to pick Gabby up (all 20 lbs. of her!!!) and hold her close to each person.  Most wanted to pet her, of course there were the few that shook their heads, "NO" - I will never understand that one!! 

I think one of the things I love the most about taking Gabby as a Therapy Dog is to hear the wisdom spoken from our elderly population!

One lady, out of the blue, told me she was mad at God.  She proceeded to tell me, she was "Made at God for making man with a penis! That is why I stayed single all of those years, I hate that penis!"  OH MY!!! I wanted to cover Gabby's ears and shout, "Not in front of the baby!!!" hahahaha.  It was pretty funny and it took all I had to say, "Oooohhh, OK." 

One lady spoke Croatian to Gabby as she was petting her, I think Gabby understood better than I did! 

We stayed for about 45 minutes, making our way through the large room.  Everyone thought Gabby was so beautiful.  Another lady made the comment to Gabby, "Why Gabby, you have such a SMART haircut! I like it!!"  

Since we were close to Vasi's Preschool, I called her,  and she was able to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafe on the corner.  Gabby sat at my feet, looking out the window at the passersby.  One and a half hours later, Gabby pawed at my leg, she was done, she wanted to go home.

We'll see how this time frame works for the afternoon.  I'll pay close attention next time we are in the afternoon and see if she is too tired again.  Maybe I'll have to change it to mornings only.

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  1. She was tired...how cute. They definitely nap the day away...lucky pups.