Thursday, November 5, 2009


So today Gabby had her 2nd job. We were assigned to a retirement home.  The complex was about 10 stories high and our job was to visit the 2nd floor.

First I had to find parking. My biggest pet peeve is having to pay for parking - I would rather walk a mile than pay for parking.  The complex was off of Geary - a pretty major thoroughfare in the city. Thankfully, I found FREE parking about 2 blocks off of Geary so I was happy! Having to locate the different destinations have made me learn more about the city so that has been a blessing. Slightly aggravating at times, but a big learning experience for me and that is good!

We started in the 'Activity Room' where about 6 women were sitting in wheelchairs.  They all loved Gabby, petting her, asking questions about her breed and such.  We entertained them with the 'sit', 'lay down' and 'tell me a story' commands and they loved it.  The women were all very lucid, laughing and enjoying the time together. It was great fun!

After spending 15 minutes here, we traveled room to room, visiting about 20 individuals.  It was a very clean environment, very impressive.  Most rooms were decorated with family photos, and personal belongings so I am to assume it to be a retirement long term care facility.

I saw a few men walking around but mainly women. Not sure if this was a ladies only floor or if women really do out live men THAT much? I don't know.

There were a few women that I hope to remember. One being a beeeeeeaaaauuuuuutiful lady. She was very thin, was lying in bed but sat right up when we approached.  She was wearing a beautiful white long sleeved nightgown and had a really nice white sweater over her shoulders. Her hair was pure white and combed nicely too.  She asked if Gabby could be placed on her bed next to her so I did.  Gabby laid down and loved the special treatment!! She kept telling Gabby she was a good dog. She asked a lot of questions about Gabby and we talked for about 10 minutes. She was so happy and delightful!! 

We continued making our rounds.  Most of the time, I would hold Gabby in a position with her back against me, her four legs out in front of her so people could hold her paws and pet her belly - one of her favorite positions.  She also enjoys it when she is on her back in my arms and her head dangles upside down. Everyone always laughs at this and cannot believe she likes to be held in such a manner. 

We worked from 1:30 - 3:00!! I could tell Gabby was starting to get tired.  In the last room, a lady was in a chair with her feet on the floor. Gabby laid down right over her feet and the lady could reach down and pat her.  She said, "I would want a dog if I could have one just like this." It was so adorable. 

We ARE blessed to have such a good little dog. The most common word used among the women today were, "She looks so happy!" And, ya know? She WAS!!!  I was very proud of her today - as usual....always a good feeling to watch people smile and enjoy her as much as we do.

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