Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The mind is an amazing instrument - and in dogs too!

This was her answer when I asked if she was ready to do her job and see her friends!
I think she is saying, "Yes Mommy, YOU BETCHA!"
We returned to the same location we visited 2 weeks ago. On our first visit, we parked the car and started walking up the sidewalk. Gabby hadn't been here before so she wanted to keep walking instead of taking a hard right and walk up the ramp. Today, we parked the car and started walking up the sidewalk, and she took the hard right to go up the ramp. She remembered?
We were about 15 minutes early today so we got right to work. Our first patient was in the lobby. She took one look at Gabby and said, "Oh, I can tell, here is a special guest! I can tell, she is ready to get some loving and I think she came to the right place!"
We made our rounds, starting on the 3rd floor, making our way down. There are about 16 rooms on each floor, each with 2-3 patients in each room. Many were in the hallways so Gabby did not get to rest on many beds today. I know she was disappointed with that.
One elderly lady in the hallway was wearing her sweater and she told us that her husband was going to pick her up today and take her home! She was very happy about this. She also told us, "When you see my mother have her call me on her cell phone." Another lady in her bed asked,"Why am I here? I don't understand. One minute I agree to go to China with a nice lady, I fall into a deep sleep, I wake up and here I am! I have to be somewhere in 5 days so I have to leave. So, why am I here?"
Looking and listening to these woman, one wouldn't think anything indifferent. Our mind is an amazing instrument. I am always intrigued by these conversations. Nothing like getting a good dose of reality. Everyone grows older each day and we all must embrace each and every day and live to our fullest, without regrets.
Our last visit was with our 105 year old friend. She is sitting in a chair at a table. As soon as her hands touch Gabby, she opens her eyes and bursts with joy. She strokes Gabby, smiling brightly and sweetly tells Gabby how she is so special. I turn Gabby upside down and she gives a nice long hug. At 105, our friend beams receiving such a hug. It is the BEST!
It did not take long and she was OUT for the ride home.
Excellent job Gabby. You DID get a lot of love today, but you sure gave a lot too!!

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