Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Record breaking kisses RECEIVED kind of a day!

After a few vacations, we are slowly getting back into our AAT job! Gabby has also been out and about, staying with friends and family and providing so much love to all. At one point, she worked overtime! While staying with our friends for one of the weeks, my friends father passed away. She said, instantly, Gabby began kissing her while she was crying and mourning this loss. Gabby knew my friend needed to be comforted and went right to work. My friend was very thankful to have Gabby near. They are big dog lovers, and their dog of 15 years passed 2 years ago.

A few weeks ago Gabby had a job that I did not blog about because we've been having a very busy summer. Since there was such a gap between visits, Gabby did not run around and get excited when I told her she had a job. It was as if she'd forgotten what the word meant!! As we drove over to our location, she was not looking out the window getting excited either. Uh Oh!! But, when we got out of the car, she was in better anticipation. She did great but seemed to be a little tired. We had not been home much with her so my take is that she just wanted to stay home and be with us.

But, today we visited a new facility and as I told her that she had a job to do and brought out the special leash, she ran in her circle and was clearly ready to go. We reached our Health Care facility where many patients were elderly and needing hospital type care and some were recovering from surgery. We visited 3 floors going to individual rooms and 3 different activity rooms on each floor. We were BUSY!! It took 1.5 hours!!

Most were dog lovers but a few shook their heads or told us they were not interested. One lady was 105 years old and I think she enjoyed Gabby the most!! She looked GREAT too and she also gave the most kisses to Gabby. In fact, I think Gabby received MORE kisses than she gave today! To me, it is pure delight when I hold Gabby upside down - her favorite position - and she snuggles into the person's neck. Usually the person will turn their face, close their eyes and kiss her neck. It is truly the sweetest thing to watch. All of the sudden this elderly person is receiving love and affection and able to give it in return. This is my favorite part of Gabby's job. I wish I could photograph the moment for you too.

Being in this environment is not for the 'weak stomach' individual though. The smells and things you see can be disturbing. If you are thinking about visiting the elderly, just know that it is sometimes like that. I have always admired the nurses and health care providers and appreciate them even more seeing it in action.

Gabby received so many compliments today from the staff too. She was very relaxed and calm. Her most cherished time is still when she is allowed to get in bed with one of them. It is so funny! She cuddles right in and her tail is wagging in circles as she lays there! She looks at me with eyes that say, "See mommy, I am in someone's bed!" She knows how big of a treat it is! hahaa!

We have one more vacation then we'll be back into more of a routine with school starting up again. We'll visit the same place on August 4.

Til then, keep making people smile and enjoy each and every healthy day we are given.

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