Thursday, March 25, 2010


Since I was sick the last TWO appointments, we were FINALLY able to do our job today!

We returned to a residential care facility for the elderly that we've been visiting many times before. Again, this morning when opening the front closet door and telling Gabby she has a job to do, she ran in a circle and barked! I have to video it the next time to share!

I drove around the blocks many many times before finding a parking spot. Hate that part! I left in plenty of time and I was almost late!! When I told the hostess about the parking issues, she told me next time to go ahead and park in the passenger loading area in front of the building! YES!! Problem solved!!

As we waited by the front gate, Gabby was peeking through the bars, watching, waiting. When the hostess appeared and walked toward, Gabby started wagging her tale and getting real excited! We entered and met a few people in the lobby area. Many people were being escorted to the main room where the Arm Exercise class was about to begin. I need to talk to the Activity Coordinator and suggest that we arrive at least 30 minutes prior because everyone is in this class instead of visiting with Gabby.

The few that do not attend the class are always happy to have Gabby to themselves though. Thankfully, Gabby remembered the 'Come-a-hoppy' command and enjoyed sitting on a few laps. One man in particular enjoys Gabby the most. The hostess walked over and told Paul, "It's a good thing Gabby is here, sitting on your lap or you would be taking a nap!" With the attention from Gabby he is awake, alert and talking!

I let Gabby sit on their laps for awhile and we talk about funny Gabby stories. Today I mentioned that I wish Gabby could talk. Paul said, "She DOES talk - she talks Japanese! I understand what she is saying!!"

We stayed for about an hour in the lobby. Lunch was being served so I told Gabby, "Let's go for a ride in the car!" She continued to sit on Paul's lap. Not moving. I said it again in a more excited voice! Still nothing. No movement! She liked it right where she was! She is so comfortable and content in these environments.

It was a special time sharing our love with only 4 people. We were able to really connect and be still. Maybe I won't suggest we arrive earlier! hahaha

We get in the car and Gabby curls herself up in the backseat and goes to sleep. Good JOB Gabby!!

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