Monday, October 26, 2009

October 20, 2009 - Shadowing

Before I could take Gabby on her own to her first 'job', I had to leave Gabby home and 'shadow' a veteran dog owner and her AAT dog. 

I took the bus to a six story rehabilitation center.  I met the trainer and her dog in the lobby and walked up to the 4th floor.  Most of the patients were recovering from surgery and in hospital beds. Each floor had about 25 patients.  The 'Activity Coordinator' accompanied us to the different rooms, asking if they wanted a dog visit.  Most said yes, but some said NO! We talked to many people about dogs, the weather and such. We went up to the 5th floor, did the same thing, up to the 6th, then down to the 2nd. All in all we met with about 30 patients and it took about 1.5 hours!!! The visits usually last about 30 - 60 minutes - today was an exceptional day!! 

The patients really enjoyed the visit with the dog and the interaction with us too!  They seemed to forget about their own problems for that short time while loving and stroking the dog.  It was really good to watch!! Many patients would recall and talk about when they had a dog.

We departed, having a full heart that we made a few people smile today! I looked forward to Gabby and I having many years of service!

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